Eco friendly Rodent Removal System

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Mice & Rat Removal in Stamford & Bridgeport, CT

The innovative eco-friendly pest management system for rodents. Ecologica has been designed for pest control operators and situations where self-managed rodent control is critical. It captures rats and mice continuously!

The struggle against rats and mice… A problem that mankind has never managed to overcome, which according to the World Health organization, every year causes a loss of 33 million tons of food.

Ecologica does not use poisons or harmful substances only natural feeds ensuring the safety of children and non-target animals. Containing the captured rodents it ensures hygiene in the environment. Disposal of the carcasses should be according to local regulation.

The dimensions of the machine Height:15", Width:16", and Length 22".

Ecologic Solution Rodent Removal Services

Demonstration: Free at your location(s).

Installation: We will come to your location to place the machines where we see fit. There is a fee based on travel time & distance.

Maintenance: One of our employees will come when necessary to clean out the
machine(s) or you can maintenance the machine yourself once you are trained to do so by our company. There is a small fee per visit if one of our employees is sent to clean the machine.

Standard Repairs: Our company will replace any part of the machine if it is not functioning properly due to faulty parts. We will not replace damages to the machine due to actions caused by the lessee.