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Rodent Control Expert Exchanges His Pipe for Non-Toxic Box - A bit of 'Ecologic' in Stamford: Company's 'machines' catch rodents for easy disposal
Just call him the Pied Piper of pest control. Antonio Vitti, president of Ecologic Solution Inc. in Stamford, found a safe and innovative alternative to hazardous pest management while on a trip to Italy and was so impressed with the simple, poison-free method that he purchased the U.S., Canadian and South American rights. Read More >

Pest Control And Public Health
Among the endless blessings of living in America is the fact that the US has been largely free form the serious public health problems that plague underdeveloped countries. Americans are not faced with the real danger of having their health seriously compromised by life-threatening insect-borne diseases. Fortunately, most of the health threats posed by insects and rodents in this country are more benign: cockroach allergies, food poisoning, rat bites, bee stings, etc. Read More >

Mouse Morsels
The house mouse (Mus musculus) is remarkably well adapted for living year-round in homes, food establishments and other structures. Homeowners are especially likely to notice mice following their fall migration indoors in search of warmth, food and shelter. Once mice become established inside the home, they can be extremely difficult to control. Read More >

Events in Stamford, Bridgeport, CT & Beyond

The 2011 New York Pest Expo Excellence in Pest Management
November 11, 2011

Rat Facts
The common brown rat (Rattus norvegicus - also called the Norway rat or sewer rat) is a destructive animal pest. These rodents eat and contaminate large amounts of feed, damage structures by their gnawing and burrowing and spread diseases that affect livestock and people. Read More >

The Role of Pest Control in the Protection of Food and Health
The US food supply is certainly the safest and most abundant in the world. The food industry is the most controlled and regulated in the nation with dozens of Federal, State and municipal agencies overseeing the production, transportation, storage, processing, preparation and serving of our foodstuffs. Protecting food is serious business. Read More >