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An Exclusive Rodent Removal

The innovative eco-friendly pest control, pest management system for rodents. Ecologica has been designed for pest control operators and situations where self-managed rodent control is critical. It captures rats and mice continuously!

Ecologic Solution offers prospective customers a new alternative in pest control and rodent removal. Utilizing a brand new system, patented in Italy and designed for implementation by mice and rat removal specialists in Stamford and Bridgeport, CT, the Ecologica system enables effective and humane rodent removal without the risks of noxious poisons and spreading germs.

Mice & Rat Removal

By laying a simple trap that attracts rodents using all-natural foods and study of the rodentís psychology, the rodent is immediately disposed of in the contained environment of the Ecologica system. The alcohol based solution within is both deadly and effective in killing the rodent through an accelerated drowning rather than a slow poisoning that is both painful and dangerous in terms of contamination.

What sets the Ecologica system apart from poisoning systems is how environmentally safe, and self-contained it is. An Ecologica unit is installed by a rat and mouse removal specialist who will strategically station and service the machines for optimal results. The units will capture and dispose of the rodents in a contained environment that prevents decomposition and access from the outside world until the unit is emptied by a professional. All parts of the unit cannot be tripped accidentally by children, other animals, or passersby. This means no hazardous poisons, no accidental contaminations, and no decomposing rodent corpses lying around.

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The Ecologica system is prepared to served Bridgeport and Stamford, CT with safe and effective rodent removal. Call today for a consultation, or continue to browse the Ecologica website for more information on their patented technology, guaranteed to dispose of rodents safely and humanely.

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